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We can offer attractive rates on the fast catamaran and car ferry services operating between Bodrum and Kos islands both for individual travelers and groups.

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ANTMARIN Group of Companies has a travel agency called MARMARISFERRY (MARMARIS FERRY  TOURS & TRAVEL AGENCY Inc.) that is licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism as "A Category" Travel Agency in Turkey. 

FERRYBODRUM is capable of providing full range of tours, accommodation and travel services at all Turkısh ports. 


"MARMARIS FERRY TOURS TRAVEL AGENCY" is a travel agency with group A authorisation certificate approved by the Ministry of Tourism of Turkey. It is a member of TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies). It provides touristic trip, travel, transfer and ferry ticket services in Turkey and its ports. 
From 1990 to 2001, our agency has been operating in the Aegean and Mediterranean ports of "Turkish Maritime Enterprises" as a maritime agency and selling tickets. 
Fast, safe and economical online tickets from Turkey's most experienced ferry agency in maritime. At marmarisferry.com, you can instantly search for the cheapest and most affordable tickets of the ferry company and buy your ticket safely.  
Our Company Antmarin Group of Companies, which belongs to the AKINCIOGLU family, which started its maritime activities in Antalya in the 1970s, offers a wide range of services in the maritime and tourism sector.
Antmarin, which started its activities as a ship agency and Akha Tourism Travel Agency in Antalya in 1980, then started its activities as brokerage and transport contracting, maritime rescue assistance and various maritime, tourism services ferry agency of the Turkish Maritime Enterprises in Antalya and Marmaris for many years and undertook the agency and ticket sales of Antalya-Venice and Marmaris-Venice ferry services between Turkey and Italy.
In parallel with its developing business volume and potential, the Group also gave importance to investments and made various investments in the fields of shipownership, port management, yachting, barrier manufacturing, export and tourism. Antmarin, with its own staff and offices, has been actively providing agency and various maritime services to tankers, cargo, passenger and military vessels in Antalya, Mersin, İskenderun, Marmaris, Aksaz, Fethiye and Göcek ports since 1980.
Antmarin also took part as a founding partner in the joint venture group of Marmaris Port, which was privatised in 2000, and undertook the operation organisation. On the other hand, the construction of Cook's Club Adaköy Hotel https://www.cooksclub.com/en/cooks-club-adakoy-marmaris-turkey and MCM Boutique Marina with a capacity of 150 yachts have been completed and put into service on the coastal land owned by Antmarin in Adaköy, Marmaris. The 4-star, 150-room Andriake Resort Hotel was opened in May 2014 on the coastal land located in Demre Sülüklü locality.  

Since 1993, you can safely buy your tickets from ferrybodrum.com, the reliable address of Greek islands ferry tickets.

Our principles and our aim is to provide the best service to our valued guests.
"MARMARIS FERRY TOURS TRAVEL AGENCY" offers the best service with its knowledge and experience.

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